SAT Prep for All Learners

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SAT Prep for All Learners

Our small-group, in-person, specially-designed courses will help your child ace the SAT even if typical SAT prep has been unsuccessful.  



  • Are you worried that your child's SAT performance will jeopardize their college acceptance?
  • Have you wasted money on traditional SAT prep courses only for your child to be left behind or to be told that your child needs private tutoring?
  • Are you hesitant to spend money on traditional SAT prep courses because you worry that the fast pace and lack of individual attention will make them a waste of time and money?
  • Are you tired of nagging your child to study for the SAT with the materials you've spent money on that have yet to be used?
  • Does your child have a learning or attention disability that affects their test performance or ability to benefit from a traditional SAT prep course?

How will our courses help you?

Parents, our SAT prep courses will allow you to...

  • Relax and stress less about your child's SAT performance
  • Feel confident that your hard-earned money is well spent on something that will actually improve your child's SAT scores
  • Feel good about your child's academic future, knowing they are on a college-bound path
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How will our courses help your child?

Our approach and expertise will allow your child to...

  • Stop stressing about the SAT
  • Improve their SAT scores
  • Improve their test-taking ability and confidence
  • Receive meaningful instruction that targets their areas of need, delivered in a comfortable environment, so that they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities