SAT Prep for All Learners

SAT prep for all learners


Our small-group, specially-designed courses for students with learning and attention disabilities will help your child improve SAT performance even if typical SAT prep has been unsuccessful.  

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Does your child feel like a failure or feel like giving up on their hopes of going to college? Do they feel that no matter what they do, their SAT performance is a lost cause? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and don’t know what else to do to help them improve their scores?

Students with learning and attention disabilities need specialized instruction from teachers with expertise in evidence-based instructional methods that typical test prep programs do not provide.

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How will our courses help your child?

Through our eight 2-hour sessions, your child will learn...

  • Strategies to improve their reading comprehension so that they can make sense of the SAT reading passages

  • How to apply grammar and punctuation rules more effectively in order to improve their verbal score

  • Techniques to help them identify the best answer choices and stop second guessing themselves

  • How to select and apply the best methods for solving math problems

  • That they can approach the SAT with confidence and optimism