SAT Prep for All Learners

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SAT Prep

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Our small-group classes are designed to meet the specialized needs of students with learning or attention disabilities, or who would benefit from individual attention that traditional prep courses cannot offer.


Why choose us?

Small group learning 

Sessions are limited to five students, so your child will benefit from a personalized learning experience that accommodates each student's unique needs. The small groups also provide a safe and comfortable environment that enhances learning and provides opportunities to build relationships. 

Targeted, in-depth coverage

Because our students may struggle with attention issues, we structure our sessions so that they receive the maximum educational benefit while minimizing fatigue and anxiety.  Your child will learn the material with the depth necessary to gain a fuller understanding of the test and the ability to apply that knowledge to earn a higher score. 

Synchronous distance learning

We now offer distance-learning courses. Courses meet synchronously - your child will NOT be watching pre-recorded videos. We will meet in real time, allowing for the same interactive experience as if we were meeting in person.

Expert instructors

We have many years of experience in education with expertise both in teaching test-prep courses and in teaching students with disabilities. Your child will be learning from experts in both the content -- what's on the SAT and the best strategies to improve a student's score -- and the most effective methods of teaching students with learning and attention disabilities.